DEVELON Excavator DX35z

Excavator DX35z
Engine Power : SAE J1995, gross 20.3 kW(27.2HP)@2,200rpm
SAE J1349, net 19.5 kW(26.1HP)@2,200rpm
Operational Weight : Canopy 3,560 kg (7,848 lb)- STD.
Cabin 3,660 kg (8,069 lb)- STD.
Bucket capacity(SAE) : 0.11m3 (0.144 cu.yd)
The highest performance is guaranteed in any working condition.
The advanced hydraulic system combined with a powerful engine provides for powerful excavation
and work efficiency as well as the biggest break out and tractive forces.
As a result the DX35z provides outstanding performance, work efficiency and the ability to adapt to
any work environment.

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