1.5-1.8 Ton (3 Wheel)

Drive & Pump Motor
Imported AC motor from Italian SME :
1. Full AC for both traction and hydraulic.
2. Alloy motor body , excellent in heat exchange.
3. Ideal component and designed for heavy usage.

Electronic controller
Imported controller from Italian SME: 1. Reliable in performance and quicker response

Bolt-on battery are convenient for maintenance

Operation Platform
Multi-functional operation platform offers comfortable and enhances driving experience

Counter weight
Special curved down counter weight with lowest gravity and widest rear view among its kind

UL standard hook ensures the world-class safety and durability

Emergency stop button
Safety guaranteed when pressing the button in emergency

KION standard charger with high reliability

Grab handle
Assist grip is good for different sizes of operators

KION structure painting applied as standard specification to reduce sun light reflection from the smooth paint surface.

Oil disc brakes enable an excellent braking performance and require low maintenance

ZF transmission ensures more durability and reliability

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